UI/UX Designer | Front End Developer | Information Architect



Creative. Organized. Resourceful.

With over 14 years of experience, John is an exceptional producer who:

  • Presents innovative ideas and solutions that generate significant results
  • Approaches creative problem solving from many different perspectives
  • Translates the complex into simple explanations
  • Cultivates talents through research, testing and team sharing
  • Effortlessly forecasts steps, resources and timing needed for successful projects

The personification of “eclectic”, John is an illustrator, pianist, gardener, vegetarian – and life-long Disney fanatic. Whether he’s learning a new technology, playing piano by ear, planting a new garden bed, or finding out how many stones make up Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle, John simply loves learning and believes it’s the best road to creativity.

John has a broad skill set in interaction design, graphic arts and related creative services. Possessing a thirst for knowledge that keeps him at the leading edge of technologies and applications, John is as resourceful as he is creative, producing innovative results from unexpected sources. A self-professed “neatnik”, John’s known for his extraordinary organizational flair, whether he’s planning web site architecture or organizing his collection of View-Master reels.

John added his talents to the extraordinary creative team at Austin & Williams in Hauppauge, NY, as Senior Art Director in 2007. Prior to Austin & Williams, John has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as AOL, ADT, Altria, American Greetings, Cendant, Chase, George Weston Bakeries, Kraft, PepsiCo and others, to develop extremely successful campaigns.

“To me, creativity begins with curiosity,
fueled by passion and enthusiasm.”